Your lingerie since 1936

Attention to quality and customer wishes
This is the entire group’s motto, a formula that guarantees Imec brand credibility and identity and sums up its values



Creativity and attention to detail since 1936

Everything begins with research. Creativity, study and dedication are essential elements for creating new ideas.
Research, the sensitivity of the creative team and careful observation of market demands are what give rise to Imec collections. The creation and development of a collection are the ripe fruit of a thousand intuitions and inspirations. World travel, search for stimuli in trendy places, creative and revolutionary combinations, in-depth chromatic and stylistic studies are all the basis for anticipating market trends and making our products

It is a virtuous path that develops from the most careful selection of the best possible materials, in close collaboration with the supplying companies, from fabrics to accessories to achieve the highest quality standards. The production chain leading to the creation of an Imec garment includes numerous checks and inspections up to the shipping phase.
It is a sort of path of excellence where nothing is left to chance, a true obsession with quality. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.