Your lingerie since 1936

Attention to quality and customer wishes
This is the entire group’s motto, a formula that guarantees Imec brand credibility and identity and sums up its values



How a dream came to be…

The history of Imec began in 1936 with the production of nylon lingerie in the area between Bergamo and Lecco. A room, a sewing machine, two employees, and ten garments a day led to the making of a dream. Results were not long in coming. Targeted investments, a high level of specialization and strong brand awareness, also due to advertising campaigns and the famous Carosello TV show, made the brand famous for the quality of its fabrics and attention to details. In the 1960s lingerie became a true phenomenon of popular culture.

In 1966 the Imec product range expanded, even more so with corsetry and beachwear which consecrated the excellence of its style and production and allowed the company to launch new models. Imec became more established on the market. The early seventies were characterized by strong social tensions and by the demand for women’s liberation, which also influenced the way of interpreting lingerie. The watchword of the moment was freedom. The garments were mainly conceived to convey convenience and sobriety and therefore respond to specific needs for comfort.

In keeping with market demands, Imec produced comfortable, simple yet always avant-garde garments. The 80s marked a new boom in lingerie. Lingerie was once more intended as a means of seduction. Lace and embroidery, voile and tulle, garters, suspender belts and waist-cinchers once more became protagonists.
Imec reintroduced sensual and refined lingerie in its collections. In the 1990s new collections and new styles were created to satisfy any type of need. Lingerie began to be worn in sight and took on a glamorous connotation.

In 2005, the Imec brand was acquired by Tex Zeta Srl. The company’s motto is the same for all the brands in the portfolio: attention to quality and customer wishes. A formula that guarantees credibility and identity. In 2010 a new and modern factory was opened, an innovative project in which the new collections came to life. Today production is based on seasonal and continuous collections.