Your lingerie since 1936

Attention to quality and customer wishes
This is the entire group’s motto, a formula that guarantees Imec brand credibility and identity and sums up its values



A company that has come a long way

Today’s Imec inherits the experience, competence, ability, taste and creativity from the Imec founded in 1936, with few resources but great passion.
It has gone through the years facing the changes in fashion and the needs dictated by the new role of women in society: garments that no longer need be just aesthetically flawless, but also must meet the criteria of comfort and wearability, which can be worn without problems from morning to evening.

Constant research into market trends, attention to current events, and technological innovation combined with artisan tailoring experience have all guided Imec to the present.
The different brands brought together under Imec, or better, Ritratti Milano, Jaole and Franca Von Wunster, offer customers a wide range of choices and style, all of the highest quality.